request 1

Asking the Angelic realms to help realise our hopes & dreams, shifts the energy blocking their path, allowing these wishes to fulfil our lives.
We must understand though, that sometimes we inadvertently create a negative energetic barrier to the very things or situations we want, by simply thinking that we are not worthy of them, or worse, by speaking these thoughts aloud!
Eradicate all negative thinking when dreaming or wishing for a joyous situation or material gift, for everyone is a child of the Universe, worthy of receiving its bounty.



What a fab week! I decided over a week ago to turn my attention to co-creating as I need to get back to work my work that is Angel & Crystal healing not accounts, so I set about the daily creation “Love is all I AM, I AM Love, Love creates……….” the┬áresult yesterday – an American company phone wanting to promote my book, 4 new clients in one morning & the offer of participating in a new exciting MBS show this October – one happy Soul!