Angelic Request Therapy – the Art of I AM

Angelic Request Therapy opens pathways for you. Asking or requesting the Angels to transform or liberate your life, from the overshadowing of others, known and unknown, frees you to experience a better quality of life.

The Angelic Core are able to remove energetic imprints from your own emotional blueprint; imprints created from shocking events or simple day-to-day irritations, which may have an unfortunate impact on your life, and essence. Once the divine core have liberated the register of negativity that hampers your presence, you are free to enjoy new experiences and happier times.

A sample of Angelic Requests can be found if you click on the ANGEL BLOG link. Change your life with the help of the Angels today!

‘Creation of Positive Living’ and ‘A Manual Blessed by Angels’ are simple handbooks introducing this form of connection with the Angels, enabling you to move forward and develop your pathway through life. It is available for you now. Simply click on the picture to be taken straight to the appropriate Amazon page.


If you are in need of healing or are have concerns about another, feel free to join our Facebook Group ‘Angelic Request Therapy Healing Wall’, click the link below to find us.

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