The Angels Offer You a Helping Hand

Angelic Request Therapy allows the Angels to help you with any issues you are currently experiencing or are troubling you from your past.

This simple form of Angel healing allows you to undergo a transformation of energy, freeing you to move on. The Angels have celestial ability to change life-force power, that may be blocking you from enjoying your chosen path. Everything is Energy, including all upsetting events, conversations and deliberate acts carried out against you. Asking the Angelic Kingdom to draw close and transform any energy created from upset, removes it from your emotional body, allowing you peace once more, and also prevents long term damage to your physical and mental bodies.

Asking the Angels to help you allows them to fulfil their role. Once you have given permission, the Angels surround you with divine light to raise your vibratory field. In doing this simple act, the divine beings enable you, by activating your own ‘inner’ ability to help yourself, giving you the impulse to use and develop your own ‘I AM’ principle. This principle or state of being is your connection to Infinite Spirit and Universal energy. Ultimately, the development of this connection sets you free to enjoy your life with an open heart and confidence. Allowing you to create your own chosen experiences.

‘Creation of Positive Living’ is available on Amazon, and helps you to understand how you can move forward to develop and create your own journey through life. May the Angels bless you with Grace of all Light as you move forward.

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