Angelic Request Therapy – the Art of I AM

Angelic Request Therapy allows the Angelic Realms to enfold you, enabling your life and as a consequence, opens doors within you, doors to your own inner core or I AM presence.

This simple form of Angel healing initiates a positive life time connection to Universal flow.

Asking the Angels to transform or transmute the energy of any angst you currently face allows you to move on with your life. By doing so, they also raise your vibratory field, allowing you to experience new happier times.

Connecting to your I AM presence gives you the keys to your life. Developing this connection ensures swift dealing with any future worries, disappointment or upset. It also allows you a real understanding of how to manifest and create on a day to day basis, giving you true prosperity and inner peace.

My the Angels and Archangels bless you with the Grace of All Light as you move forward

‘Creation of Positive Living’ is a simple handbook introducing this form of connection with the Angels, enabling you to move forward and develop your pathway through life.

It is available for you to buy. Simple click on the picture to be taken straight to the appropriate Amazon page.

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