The following daily ritual on awakening, gives you connection and instant upliftment, allowing you to experience flow instantly, and manifest any divine idea that you need for your own journey of enlightenment.


Past Incarnation

Working with this form of Angelic release has helped me let go of my memories, that have been encapsulated within me from that moment of upset onwards. Trapped & echoing within my presence & life. Repeating patterns that prevented me from ever truly moving on.

Today a new aspect raised its head. Having notion to clear my core Seed of Creator or Divine Heart, from the hate I have received from others throughout lifetimes of incarnation on this beautiful planet. Hate that originated from the dark deeds of long forgotten ancient practice.

Do you feel this resonates within you as well? Request the Angels of Divine Heart yourself to alleviate your own inner core of records:

“Angels of Divine Heart, Release all record of hate throughout lifetimes on this planet, purifying my core.”

Repeat this request to the angels three times and allow a few moments for their energetic release to help you.

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The awakening process is upon us. The next few days is preparation for a new wave of energetic transformation, one that will usher in the Aquarian Age. One of establishing mankind as a compassionate force. Allowing peace to thrive in the hearts of all who recognise their core connection.

If you are already struggling with your foundations being shaken to the core, you will understand how 2020 has moved your landscape of expected reality, removing guideposts, supporting bedrock and warping your mindset to confusion, fear and anxiety.

Letting go of fearful feelings of the future will help you move forward enabling you to face more change and help you address the stress this has caused you. Allow yourself freedom by stating:

“I AM asking for an Angel of Healing to support me whilst I undergo the inevitable changes I face. Ensure me relief of fear, anxiety and stress so I may have clarity and trust reinstated giving me back my ability to create my own horizon once more.

“Seal this request with the age old stamp of petition “AMEN”.