Whilst I am still on my own journey of discovery with integrating all aspects of soul imbalance, I came across wisdom which has helped me enormously.

Asking your Guardian Angel to relieve lifetimes of anger or worse rage towards God, or who you perceive to be your creator, prevents you from accepting yourself, as each one of us carries the Light of God within ourselves.

I must admit I thought I did not need to do this when I first became aware of this concept, but was truly amazed at the energetic release I felt when I did. Clearly, in past incarnations I have experienced times when I grew angry with my God, and for the release I felt, this must have developed somewhere along the line into deep rage, from the build up of my angry reaction. The feeling of utter peace that swept over me afterwards has remained with me.

For me, any release of imbalance that has held me within its hold, helps to gradually restore complete inner peace, which I found helps me to face these challenging times. Hope this gives you the same freedom.

As always, repeat the Angelic request aloud, three times, then allow a few moments to pass before closing with a singular amen.