Asking your Guardian Angel to remove any created control from others out of your own Astral Plane allows you to live your own life without the interference of others.

Removing all method of control allows you to experience spiritual upliftment & freedom to live without binding constraint of others.

If this resonates with you repeat the request aloud three times and wait a few moments whilst your own Celestial Guardian steps forward to alleviate your astral plane of this form of constraint.


Christ Consciousness

In these times of change life can feel a burden. Can you imagine having a chance to off load? How good would that feel? Being able to breathe without the weight of the world on your shoulders, being able to eat without your tummy rebelling. Being able to think clearly for once, without being blinded by your responsibilities. Without letting any form of religious bias stop you in your tracks, ask for Christ Consciousness to lift your burden and restore your freedom. Experiment with this glorious form of ministering, allowing this divine consciousness to alleviate your concerns, one by one.

“Christ consciousness, lift my burden of fear of the future, allowing me to go free.” Repeat it three times then relax for a few moments whilst the energy of your request transcends your being.