Guardian Angel?



Living through these days of constant change is a challenge. Living with the added factor of those casting a shadow over any aspect of your life, by using low vibratory means, impairs your vibratory essence and can overshadow the area highlighted by your unknown antagonist.

Asking the mighty Archangel Zadkiel to end any form of over-shadowing allows you to have your own vibratory freedom and purity restored.

Angelic Request Therapy?

💚 Angelic Request Therapy is a method of healing which resonates with mankind at this juncture of history.
The angelic kingdom wish to assist anyone asking for help with emotional upset. Whether a current issue or one hidden from view from past years or lifetimes.
Discovering your own Guardian Angel allows you to move forward through these challenging times feeling help is but a heart beat away, securing your own peace of mind. Asking your guardian to step forward to embrace you in the higher vibration of Divine Love lifts your mood instantly.
Working through your own problems by simply talking to your Angel allows you to feel better instantly, a problem shared is a problem halved.
Discovering more allows you to understand how Angelic Request Therapy works. 💜


In need of upliftment? Request your Guardian Angel to help you raise your essence with the Divine Light of Love. The foundation of the Universe.

Allowing your Guardian Angel to help you in this way, ensures his role with celestial blessing of Light. All Guardian Angels may step forward to assist their chosen individual if asked. Ask, you will not regret it!


Asking your Guardian Angel to walk with you through this coming year, allows celestial help with your own journey of development and any ministering you may need, ensuring you understanding, inner peace and growth of true self-love.

Your guardian angel will help you with all you face, this request allows that permission. So, when you have long forgotten these words ,your own angel will still have your back, and will employ other angels when necessary to help you thrive.


Past Incarnation

Working with this form of Angelic release has helped me let go of my memories, that have been encapsulated within me from that moment of upset onwards. Trapped & echoing within my presence & life. Repeating patterns that prevented me from ever truly moving on.

Today a new aspect raised its head. Having notion to clear my core Seed of Creator or Divine Heart, from the hate I have received from others throughout lifetimes of incarnation on this beautiful planet. Hate that originated from the dark deeds of long forgotten ancient practice.

Do you feel this resonates within you as well? Request the Angels of Divine Heart yourself to alleviate your own inner core of records:

“Angels of Divine Heart, Release all record of hate throughout lifetimes on this planet, purifying my core.”

Repeat this request to the angels three times and allow a few moments for their energetic release to help you.

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