Blessing Business Hearts to Open

Asking the mighty Archangel Uriel to open the hearts of our leaders and business entrepreneurs to think of future planetary needs gives all at ground level a role to play for our future generations. Business Hearts

Angelic Request for Wedding Day Celebrations

wedding request (2)

Your Wedding Day is meant to be one of your most memorable events, but sometimes the worry of all the preparations exhausts you! Ask the Angels for help with all aspects allowing you both to Celebrate a wonderful day. You can adjust the wording to suit your Wedding plans. Wishing all couples a glorious memorable loving day!!!

New Healing Wall for requesting Angelic Help

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Asking the Angels to help in times of Crisis or health problems is not a new concept but allowing the world wide community to also ‘ask’ for your loved one, friend or even yourself allows the Angels extra power to assist those you are worried about. Connect to the Facebook Group Angelic Request Therapy Healing Wall to create a global caring community this weekend

Angel Healing in Somerset

Angelic Request Therapy is delighted to be attending the highly appropriate FESTIVAL OF ANGELS Saturday 28th February in Well Somerset. To try this gentle but powerful form of release through this form of Angel Healing – come visit !!!http://

Amazon adventure!

Setting up an Author page for my work has allowed me to complete the circle!

Beginning with huge nudges from my Angelic Guardians to sit & actually channel their words to eventually coming back down to earth with a bang in setting up all of the right channels to actually promote & hopefully spread the word of this wonderful form of Angel Healing.

At least this part is now complete

Lastly thank you Michelle Gordon for you patience!